Heavy metal precipitation

The entire scope of heavy metals from aluminium to copper, mercury to zinc can be found in the wastewater of various industry branches. These dissolved heavy metals are often difficult to remove frome wastewater.

Characteristics of SEPAR CHEMIE heavy metal precipitants

SEPAR CHEMIE offers diverse heavy metal precipitants, which can be used in various applications. Our heavy metal precipitants precipitate not only solute heavy metals such as chrome, mercury and nickel, but are also capable of reducing heavy metals tied into complexes from the wastewater. They therefore offer a good alternative to the standard cationic changers for the purified wastewater.

Precipitants from the POLY SEPAR® METALSORB range are highly effective liquid complexing agents that compound with nearly all solute heavy metals in industrial wastewater treatment.

Application areas of heavy metal precipitants

POLY SEPAR® METALSORB products are successfully used in the following areas:

  • Metal industry
  • Metalworking, especially in the automotive industry
  • Metal finishing (galvanic treatment operations)
  • The glass and ceramics industry
  • Printers, tanneries
  • Coal powered plants
  • Oil powered plants
  • Mercury removal from flue gas
  • Cleanup of contaminated soils
  • Groundwater decontamination
  • Metallurgy
  • Soil remediation

Application of Metalsorb in heavy metal precipitation

POLY SEPAR® METALSORB ZT can be dosed stoichiometrically and undiluted within the entire pH range from 2 to 12. The insoluble salts resulting from the reaction form only micro-flocks.

Follow-up treatment with:

  • Adsorption agent (POLY SEPAR® AM types) or
  • Precipitant (POLY SEPAR® CFF types)

is then required to achieve efficient separation and to eliminate any remaining excess amounts from the water.

Adsorbents for heavy metal precipitation in electroplating

With our new range of adsorbents POLY SEPAR® AM we have developed products, which are perfectly suited for reducing heavy metals. These particular adsorbents find special application in electroplating.

Adsorbents for polishing water

Polishing wastewaters with compound elements can easily be treated with our powder POLY SEPAR® AM range.

Adsorbents for phosphatising baths

Our newly developed adsorbents are directed at the treatment of wastewater from phosphatising baths. These particular adsorbents form very good flocks and can reduce the phophate content to such an extent as to comply with the threshold values.

The following heavy metals can be reduced from galvanic wastewaters:

  • Chromium
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Cobalt
  • Complex-bound heavy metals
  • Or others


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