Our concept for environmentally compatible water treatment

Sustainability in environmentally compatible water treatment

SEPAR CHEMIE GmbH produces and supplies products, which aim to promote and improve the sustainability of our customers’ production processes. In addition reduced water consumption or less raw material usage for example can play a role. We are continually researching and expanding our “green line” range. The protection of the environment is always our focus. Please find out about our current range in this brochure here.

Less sludge saves resources

Often with water treatment a lot of sludge is produced, which is expensive and laborious to remove. To produce less sludge, ask about our AM-products, which without the carrier substance bentonite, show excellent cleaning qualities.

Environmentally compatible products for sensitive and food related processes

POLY SEPAR® AW and KW range, liquid cationic polymer flocculants
• oil-free
• surfactant-free
• water based

POLY SEPAR® CFL 20 and CFL 25, liquid cationic coagulants
• oil-free
• surfactant-free
• water-based
• easily degradable
• plant origin

POLY SEPAR® CFL PT, solid cationic coagulants
• oilfree
• surfactant-free
• easily degradable
• plant origin

POLY SEPAR® SA + SK, starch products
• oil-free
• surfactant-free
• starch-based
• plant origin

POLY SEPAR® L-products, liquid polymer flocculants

• oil-free
• water based

Oil- and surfactant-free products for more sustainability

We offer oil- and surfactant-free products to treat wastewaters from sensitive or food related processes.

Our products can be used as:
•    Coagulants
•    Polymer flocculants
•    Flotation agents
•    Good alternative to metal salts
•    Alternatives where the use of synthetic polymers is forbidden
•    Ready-to-use solutions

Plant-based products

•    Have excellent flocculation – and coagulation characteristics
•    Are highly suitable to replace metal salts
•    Are available with up to 100% active substances
•    Are available in liquid or solid form

Polyacrylamide-free products serve the protection of the environment

• Excellent for application in sensitive and food-related processes
• Well-suited in case of legal requirements for the use of polyacrylamide

Certified products for water purification

We also offer the following products in our range:

XXXVI Recommendation BfR
Our POLY SEPAR® AW and KW products for tissue paper products and food packaging.

GRAS Certificate (Generally Recognized As Safe)
These products can be added for instance as supplements for feed production.

Drinking water certificate
Products which comply with drinking water regulations.

Kosher products
Fulfill the special criteria of cosher directives.

Halal products
Produced following the Islamic purity requirements.


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We will be glad to provide consulting services on the required systems technology. Here, you can access our field service.



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