Specialty chemicals for paper production

High demands on the quality of the various types of paper, be it in the printing and press industry, the packaging industry, the tissue paper industry, etc. necessitate a continually flexible adaptation of the process- and waste-water chemicals to the changing requirements.

Since 1991 SEPAR CHEMIE has been developing specialty chemicals for the paper industry under the brand name POLY SEPAR®.

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A new generation of water based retention agents

The oil-free dispersants of the POLY SEPAR KW- and AW– range are solvent and tensed free and are therefore particularly environment friendly.

The advantages of the POLY SEPAR KW series are:

•    Mixing is easy without cumbersome solvent and dosage technology
•    Less foam problems
•    Reduced water consumption
•    Improved filler retention
•    Highest effectiveness in closed water circuits with high conductivity

Starch reduction through SEPAR® PLY BOND

A further original product is our POLY SEPAR® PLY BOND. It is a synthetic, anion-charged acryl-amide-copolymer, which is completely soluble in water. It is used in the production of multilayer papers and cardboards, which are bonded with starch. POLY SEPAR® PLY BOND is added to the water-starch solution and is sprayed onto the paper sheets.

The advantages of POLY SEPAR® PLY BOND are:

• Increases the adhesion between the paper sheets
• Partially replaces the starch at a ratio of 1/10
• Considerable cost savings
• Applicable in a wide pH-range
• Reduces the COB burden through reduced starch consumption

High molecular flocculation aids for waste paper processing

We offer with our POLY SEPAR® K 5—range extremely high molecular flocculation aids for highest efficiency in flotation plants. All products in this range are produced in “paper grade” quality with fast and residue-free solubility. They are subject to the stringent criteria of the XXXVI recommendations of the BfR, in order to be used for tissue papers and food packaging.

An overview of our products

Fresh water preparation

We use our flocculation aids to treat raw water for the paper production and to free it from spurious impurities.

Waste-water treatment

POLY SEPAR® flocculation aids guarantee high-quality waste-water treatment and sludge dewatering with a high dry content.

Our bacterio-static agent POLY SEPAR® KS 300 reduces and inhibits odour causing bacteria.

Paper production

The water-based retention agents from our POLY SEPAR® KW /AW–range are solvent and tenside free.

To reduce starch in cardboard and paperboard production we recommend POLY SEPAR® PLY BOND.

POLY SEPAR® Bent is used to speed up the dewatering process. It improves the adsorption of contraries and therefore retention.

To avoid crystalline deposits in the paper machine, especially with suction rolls, filters and wires, POLY SEPAR® C 5 is suitable. To improve dry strength we offer the POLY SEPAR® DS 1.



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