Odour inhibitor

Odour inhibitors are highly concentrated, liquid, environmentally-friendly natural products. The odour-neutralising effect is based on terpenes from citrus fruit or pine extracts as well as emulsifiers, which are readily biodegradable. Combined with water they form an emulsion, which has a long term deodorising effect.

Odour inhibitors from SEPAR CHEMIE

Our odour inhibitors can effectively neutralise odours in waste water and in exhaust air and can therefore be used problem-free with water purification in the various water treatment plants.

POLY SEPAR KS 300: emulsion from orange terpenes
POLY SEPAR KS 400: emulsion from pine extracts

Application of odour inhibitors

It is especially suitable for:
•    removing decomposition, decay and burning odours
•    cleaning adhesive oils, fats, wax residue and dirt
•    driving away insects

Our POLY SEPAR® KS is mainly used in:

•    the paper industry
•    composting plants
•    leather factories
•    wastewater treatment plants
•    recycling sorting plants
•    the food industry


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