Crystallization inhibitor

POLY SEPAR® Antiscaling agents or crystallisation inhibitors are concentrates of polyphosphates, polyacrylates and additives for the prevention of crystallisation and calcification in water pipes, vacuum pumps and paper machines (in the paper industry).

Application of Antiscaling agents

POLY SEPAR® Antiscaling agents are low viscosity liquid products, which can be dosed undiluted directly from the barrel or IBC into the water circuit.
The necessary dosage depends on various factors and must be experimentally determined.

Products for crystallisation control

POLY SEPAR® C 3: The antiscaling agent shows excellent dissolving and dispersion properties for the removal of existing lime scale in waste water and at paper machines.

POLY SEPAR® C 4: This crystallisation inhibitor fights crystallisations through MAP (magnesium-ammonium-phosphate = STRUVITE).

POLY SEPAR® C 5: The antiscaling agent prevents and removes calcium carbonate-lime scale. It is used with paper machines in front of spray nozzles and suction rolls. POLY SEPAR C 5 is approved according to the 36th recommendation of the BfR (federal institute for risk assessment). This crystallisation inhibitor significantly prolongs the running time of the paper machine.

SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS for antiscaling agents/crystallisation inhibitors

•   Please refer to our safety data sheet!
•   Please follow general safety instructions when handling POLY SEPAR® C 4.
•   The concentrate should not come into contact with non-ferrous metals (copper, brass, etc.).

STORAGE of antiscaling agents / crystallisation agents

The product must be stored at a temperature of between + 5°C and 30°C.

PACKAGING of antiscaling agents / crystallisation agents

POLY SEPAR® C 3 is available in 25 kg cans, 250 kg plastic drums and 1,100 kg IBC containers.

POLY SEPAR® C 4 is available in 225 kg plastic drums and 1,100 kg IBC containers.

POLY SEPAR® C 5 is available in 25 kg cans, 225 kg plastic drums and 1,100 kg IBC containers.

TECHNICAL SERVICE for antiscaling agents / crystallisation control

The reproduction of dissolution and flocking processes on a laboratory scale can only be incomplete; therefore we recommend on-site trials on a pilot plant scale. Our engineers and technicians are always pleased to help on-site with problems related to application technology. Product consumption in practice usually falls below the calculations developed in laboratory and an on-site trial over a period of one or two weeks for a cost-effective calculation should be carried out.


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