Polymer flocculation aids are organic macromolecules, which can be used for solid-liquid separations. This works by binding up and removing small particles.

Application areas of polymer flocculants

Polymer flocculants are used in municipal as well as in industrial waste-water and sludge treatment. In addition there are numerous application possibilities in the

•  Paper industry
•  Regulation of solid mater in drilling fluids for the oil and gas production
•  Cleaning of contaminated soils

Depending on charge and molecular weight they are used in:

How polymer flocculants work

In the flocculation process finely distributed particles are combined by makro molecules into larger units (flocks) and can so be easily separated from the water.

Polymer flocculants from SEPAR CHEMIE

Separ Chemie offers a wide portfolio of polymer flocculants, finely graded according to various strengths and molecular weights, in order to offer the perfect solution for every individual application.
In an on-site lab test our staff select the optimal solution without obligation for our customers.

Individual packaging units

Separ Chemie supplies polymer flocculants as granulates, emulsions and as oil-free dispersions.


  • 25 kg net plastic sacks
  • 500 – 750 kg big-bags


  • 25 kg canisters
  • 125 – 250 kg drums
  • 1,000 – 1,200 kg one-way containers (IBC)

Loose product

For bulk consumers we deliver loose product in road tank vehicles.


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