Wastewater treatment in municipal plants

The settlement of sludge can be improved drastically through treatment with our polymer flocculants POLY SEPAR® PK, AN, KW. The remaining residue such as turbidity or pharmaceuticals can be eliminated with POLY SEPAR activated carbon products.

Defoamers in wastewater plants

Our biodegradable defoamer POLY SEPAR® DEFO provides an initial remedy for foams in digestion towers. Following that targeted treatment can be provided through improved sludge thickening.

Chemicals for encrustation in wastewaster plants

A further problem is the encrustation of pipes through magnesium-ammonium-phosphate-compounds (MAP) and calcium carbonate CaCO3. Our POLY SEPAR® C4 and C5 can prevent encrustations on a long-term basis.

Polyacrylamide-free and oil-free polymer in wastewater plants

Separ Chemie supplies you with the precise polymer for sludge treatment, regardless of the equipment you are using for the treatment of your sludge. We also supply polyacrylamide-free and/or oil-free polymers.

Chemicals for small sewage plants

Also at small sewage plants the application of our POLY SEPAR® TB can lead to long-term optimization.

Chemicals for wastewater purification

We supply the following specialty chemicals for the particular requirements of wastewater and sludge treatment:

•    Polymer flocculants
•    Water-based and polyacrylamide-free polymer flocculants
•    Adsorbents
•    Defoamers / Deareators
•    Precipitants
•    Odour inhibitors
•    Activated carbon and bentonite slurry
•    Biological specialty products on plant basis

Expert advice – from a single source

Should conventional products not be able to accomplish the task in hand, we develop individual tailor-made formulas for your particular application.

•    Detailed analysis of problems and situation
•    Development of formulas on a laboratory scale
•    On-site tests free of charge
•    Comprehensive consulting on process engineering,
advice on products and profitability analysis
•    Fast trouble-shooting
•    Sample production
•    Ready to use liquid polymers



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